Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My creative space...

The Moroccan-inspired cuff I showed you last week is coming along nicely...

Clearly all that monotonous repetition didn't deter me, because I'm already imagining this cuff in cobalt blue...and turquoise...and orange...

I even have an idea for a custom clasp I would like to fabricate myself from sheet metal and wire...

Bear in mind that I only picked up a jewellers saw and solder for the first time in 14 years last week, and I'm already an expert! LOL

Yeah, ambitious is my middle name ;-)


Oh, and a warning to all beaders out there...

...there have been recent sightings of the elusive Smallus Handus.  Renowned for its stealth, cunning, and unsurpassed ability to stalk its prey, this sly creature will steal beads when your back is turned...

You have been warned!

More creative spaces at Kirsty's!


  1. I'm very impressed! I would not have the patience for that - I am in awe :-)

  2. Sarah, I didn't think I had the patience for it either! LOL Thanks for stopping by and leaving such lovely comments :-)

  3. Dear Belinda:)
    I'm really happy to find your blog. your beads are so special, and you have a really colorful character, i'm love it!
    I've get lot of inspiration. thank you!


  4. i really like it! the pattern is gorgeous.

  5. Eszter, it's lovely to meet you! Thank you for your gorgeous comments, I'm really touched that you have found inspiration here :-)

    Thanks Belinda! It's nice when I can translate an idea from my head into doesn't always work as I'd imagined! LOL

  6. Hello Bead Buddy! Will you e-mail me? I need to ask you something... :) abney_m(at)

  7. Hey that is some cuff! You always amaze me!
    Oh to have those little hands around again! Give them a squnch for me!


  8. Your cuff is coming along beautifully.

    I think smallus handus may be in my house too but it's not beads it seems interested in... thankfully it has learnt to leave those alone! It's anything of the chocolate variety that seems to go missing in our house!


  9. Thanks Kristen! I'm happy with how it's looking so far...I just hope I can fabricate the clasp that I have in mind. Finding the time to make it before we move is going to be the biggest hurdle though...four weeks and counting!

    Thank you Heroilda :-)

    LOL Karyn, yes the Smallus Handus is known to stalk anything of the chocolate variety also ;-) hehe I'm glad that your beads don't go missing anymore! I often walk into my studio to find things moved... GRRRR

  10. And do they find their way into smallus mouthus too?!! That's what seems to happen here!! So much tastier than real food!

  11. LOLOLOLOL Lenita! Yes, smallus handus and smallus mouthus absolutely stalk their prey together ;-) hehe

  12. Not only do I love the pattern the seed beads are some of my most favorite. I just love the matt earthy color. Can't wait to see some silver work from you.

  13. Nicole, I just love these matte terracotta beads too...although with my fair freckly skin, they don't really suit me! LOL I had a play with some silver yesterday, I will have some things to show soon ;-)

  14. that is such a beautiful bracelet!!! I love the lattice effect! gorgeous! can't wait to see it finished!

  15. Thanks Triz! I'm wondering if I should just finish the cuff with a beadwoven clasp this I can finish it sooner! Perhaps I'll save the fabricated clasp for the next version ;-)

  16. I am so excited to see this cuff come to completion!

    I have a little bead thieving sprite like that!

  17. Thanks Shannon! I think the fabricated clasp will have to wait until the next incarnation of this cuff...we're moving interstate in 3 weeks so I'm running out of time! I may just weave a clasp from beads so I can finish it before we move ;-)

    Those little bead thieving sprites are so sneaky, aren't they!


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