Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Concept Preview: The *Lilas* Ring

With Spring arriving tomorrow (yippee!), I have flowers on my mind.

I don't think I have ever been so happy to see the end of Winter.  The wildflowers that Western Australia are so renowned for are starting to erupt out of the fertile soil, adding the most vibrant colours to the landscape.  With them, they bring a promise of warmer days, endless sunshine and blue skies.

I love Spring!

So with flowers on my mind, I had an idea...

And what started as an idea has blossomed into...

The *Lilas* Ring

It is only a concept at this stage because, well, to be honest it's the first time I have ever fabricated a ring!  And only my second ever attempt at silversmithing (photos of my first attempt coming soon!)

I am still amazed that I didn't destroy the flower whilst hammering the wire to form a rivet head (which holds the flower snugly in place).  I must have good aim! LOL

Hand fabricated from sterling silver wire and my own beaded lilac bloom.

Just perfect for Spring, don't you think.

It may only be a concept at this stage, but I've been wearing it all day and I love it!

Did I mention how much I LOVE working with metal and fire?

I love it a LOT!


  1. Oh Oh Oh!!!!! You take my breath away!


  2. Sorry to have kept you waiting so long to find out what happened next, Kristen! I hope you weren't holding your breath all that time... :-P hehe

  3. Dear Belinda!

    Here in Hungary the autumn comes now only, with rain and yellow leaves, but i wish you a very nice and colorful Spring:))))) Your Spring-Ring is really wonderful:)

  4. Thanks Eszter! I hope that Autumn is wonderful for you...there is a certain magic in the season, when the leaves begin to change colour and the days become shorter :-) Spring and Autumn are my favourite times of year!

  5. Belinda, I like your ring, is so beautiful and you are a very wonderful woman!

  6. How cute! I wondered what this metal ring with the pin sticking out on top was for. And I love that pic from you wearing the ring. So romantic!

  7. That's a beautiful ring Belinda. You are going into winter and we here are just barely heading into Fall. I love Fall. Thanks for sharing your Spring ring. It's awesome.

  8. What´s that... so nice,amzing work....thank you for your so nice wishes ;o) i am glad.... and i hope you have a very nice time in spring.. kisses andrea

  9. Oh that turned out beautifully Belinda. Very soft and feminine. Gorgeous.


  10. Anna, thank you so much...you make me blush! :-)

    Kokopelli, I'm glad I kept you guessing ;-) Perhaps I should have a regular 'guess what comes next' feature! LOL

    Gloria, I hope that Fall is wonderful for you...it is a beautiful time of the year! We were fortunate to celebrate the beginning of Spring today with lots of sunshine. I can't wait for the weather to start warming up!

    Andrea, you've very welcome! ;-) Thank you for your lovely words as always ♥

    Thanks Karyn! I'm planning on making this part of my 'Petit Fleurs' collection...now I just have to decide which flower to make next...hmmm

    Thanks Heroilda, I'm so glad you like it! :-)

  11. Hi,
    That's a beautiful and sweet little ring! And I love your photo!

  12. Thank you for the lovely comments, Karen :-) Hopefully I will have some more rings to show soon ;-)

  13. So delicate and pretty, Belinda. Love it! Just perfect for Spring. And don't you make a stunning model:) xx

  14. Hi Belinda, nice Lilas ring, I love it! (Especially since I live in a town that calls itself the Lilac City!) I wanted to let you know, your name's been drawn and you're one of Rings & Things' August "Blog Partner" goodie pack winners...Could you let me know your postal address, so I can send you your prize? (Email me, or directly message me in Facebook or Twitter.)


    :) Dave
    at Rings & Things

  15. Hehe Thanks Lenita *blush* The camera and I don't usually get along, but I don't have anyone else to model my jewellery so I have to do it myself! Your lovely comments mean so much to me...seeing your amazing creations is part of the reason I have started teaching myself silversmithing. You are an inspiration! B. -xo-

    Oh gosh, how exciting...thanks so much Dave! I've just emailed you :-D

  16. Hi Belinda,
    i like all your works very much. Its so beautiful and the colors always nice.
    greetings karin

  17. Hi Karin, thank you so much for your lovely comments about my work! It always makes me smile to hear such wonderful feedback :-)

  18. Can't wait to see your silver work, Belinda. I have to tell you it's quite addictive:) Be prepared for some late nights!!

  19. I took some photos this afternoon, so I hope to post them later when the kidlets are asleep :-) Oh yes, I can see that it is addictive! I foresee many, many late nights in my immediate future ;-) hehe

  20. A beautiful, filigree-looking ring! I love it!

  21. Thank you so much for the lovely words, I'm so glad you love my ring! :-)


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