Tuesday, August 17, 2010


There are certain people you meet in life who will touch your heart like no other.  

Sharon is one of those people.

The stars aligned one day and our paths crossed in this big ol' blog-o-sphere, and she has been a friend and an inspiration ever since.  

It was Sharon's jewellery that first captured my attention...her soulful, inspired creations were gorgeous, and her wire wrapped bracelets were unlike anything I had seen before.  Her talents lie not only in creating jewellery, but in graphic design also.  She has recently started a graphic design shop on Etsy named Plumrose Lane (so sweet, I love that name!), and through her inspiring blog she offers the MOST beautiful blog backgrounds, and tags, and all sorts of treasures.

Sharon has recently made the difficult decision to close down her handcrafted jewellery shop on Etsy, Mana Moon Studios.  Every beautiful piece of handcrafted jewellery is marked down by 75-85%.  So many beautiful treasures at bargain prices.

I couldn't resist this bracelet, Coral Horizon...as soon as I saw it I just knew that it had to come and live with me...

It is so vibrant and joyful in real life, I don't think I've stopped wearing it since it arrived...

And as I dug deeper into the parcel, I was confronted by a most wonderful and generous surprise...

...seed beads!  But not just a few packets...

...LOTS of packets...

...and the deeper I dug...

...the more I found...

...and then I started to cry...

...somewhere between here...

...and here...

...because I was completely overwhelmed by Sharon's amazing generosity, and kindness, and heart.  

If I wasn't already crying after opening this wonderful package, I certainly was after reading the beautiful, heartfelt card Sharon wrote me.

Thank you, my friend...for being beautiful right to your very soul ♥♥♥


Aside from thanking my lucky stars for having such wonderful friends, I also had the chance to crank up the torch this weekend and try my hand at silversmithing.  More on that later!

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Oh Belinda, I'm crying too... you are a priceless friend and I'm truly blessed our paths have crossed. I can't wait to see what you create with some of the beads and I'm THRILLED to see what comes of your silversmithing work, very cool!
    Loads of Hugs & Love from across the world♥♥

  2. Belinda what a friendship you formed! It isn't a surprise because of the person I know you to be but I know when you are gifted a friend it is truly a blessing!


  3. Wish all the best to you and your friend!!!

  4. Beautiful bracelet!!!!!!!!! great flower!!!

  5. What a gorgeous thing to do. Although we have never met I know you have a beautiful heart which is why you have friends like this. I think you are both lucky ladies!

    Gorgeous bracelet too... I do remember looking at this on Sharon's site some time ago and admiring it!


  6. Sharon, the beads you gifted me are so gorgeous...I can't wait to work with them :-) Thank you so much for being the kind and wonderful person that you are ♥

    Kristen, I was just overwhelmed by Sharon's generosity...I always knew she had a heart of gold, but she took my breath away with this wonderful and heartfelt surprise!

    Thanks Olga :-)

    Thank you Heroilda...the flower is gorgeous, my photo doesn't do it justice. Sharon has done an amazing job of creating this bracelet :-)

    Awww schux, thanks Karyn ♥ Sharon's bracelets are really something else! I love this one, the colours are so much more vibrant in real life :-)

  7. Yout bracelet in wonderfull ! flower has marvellous colours ! I love !


  8. Thank you, Soda! I feel very lucky to own this beautiful bracelet :-)

  9. Wow, how amazing!!!! You surely deserve it.

  10. That's unbelievable how generous Sharon is! But never forget how wonderful person you are, too! If you weren't, Sharon wouldn't have picked you to surprise with all those treasures :)
    Lots of love, Niki

  11. Thank you so much, Lori! I feel so blessed to have such wonderful friends :-)

    Niki, I am still overwhelmed by Sharon's generosity...she has a heart bigger than anyone I know! Thank you for your lovely words, you always make me smile :-) B. -xo-


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