Monday, August 30, 2010

What happens next...?

It all started with an idea...

You know how ideas are...

...they don't let you sleep until you act upon them...

...and sometimes they even work out exactly as you had planned...

So what happens next? 

Stay tuned! ;-)


  1. Oh wow do I really have to wait for what's next? You are such a tease!


  2. Hehe It's fun to keep everyone guessing ;-) Obviously it's a ring, but you'll have to wait to see what happens to it next! I promise not to keep you waiting too long :-P

  3. Looks interesting...can't wait to see what you create.

  4. I just finished taking some photos (although it's a horribly gray and overcast day today!), so hopefully I'll have them up soon ;-)

  5. Oh Belinda! I just spent 3 weeks making 12 of these prong rings for a polymer clay artist!

    What was odd is that the copper prototype worked really well, but the sterling, which I thought would have been even easier to solder, took forever.

    You are so talented, to be able to move from seed bead creation to metal work!

  6. Oh really Shannon, how cool! I think these 'prong rings' are just so versatile...I'm already dreaming about what other beaded creations I can attach to them! LOL

    I wonder why the sterling rings took you so long to solder? What type of solder did you use? I used hard wire solder for the band, and medium wire solder to attach the prong to the band. Perhaps you had a bad batch? I've heard other artists have trouble getting solder to melt...and it just turned out to be a bad batch!

    I hope you'll post photos of the polymer prong rings on your blog, they sound wonderful! :D



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