Monday, August 2, 2010

Sneak Preview: The *Lilas* Necklace Duo

Anyone who knows me will know that I bore easily.  So rather than simply focusing on creating one collection, I am pouring my energy into creating two...simultaneously!

Call me crazy, but that's just how I roll ;-)

So aside from my Moroccan-inspired collection, I am also working on a collection of *Petit Fleurs*, or small flowers.

You may recall my sweet little lilac blooms here.  

I have paired a single lilac bloom with an exquisite (and huge!) A-grade pink amethyst briolette to create my *Lilas* Necklace Duo ('lilas' is French for lilac)...

...simple and sweet...

The bloom and briolette each hang from a delicate sterling silver chain, so they can be worn together or separately...or even interchanged with flowers from the rest of the collection.

I still have plans to create a necklace that is overflowing with lilac blooms, but it will be a limited edition or one-of-a-kind creation.  Something special!  For now, a little piece of prettiness for everyday wear is in order :-)

Do you have a favourite flower...?  A bloom that reminds you of something (or someone) special...or simply makes you happy...?

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. Belinda
    I LOVE the duo! So simple and elegant! I love the lilac but I will have to say that my favorite flowers are daffodils and daisies!


  2. It is adorable!!
    I love all flowers but my favourite flowers are the roses and the yellow mimosa (acacia dealbata).

  3. Very pretty, I understand the thing with making many of those, Belinda, that would drive me up the wall. When I was in Fiji, I set myself a little task to take as many pics of flowers as I could. I really like the birds of paradise, but have not managed to bead those.

  4. Thanks Kristen...sometimes simple is best, I think! It's funny you mention daffodils and daisies...I'm planning on creating miniatures of those blooms too ;-)

    Thanks Heroilda! There are many beautiful orchids, they are a wonderfully exotic flower aren't they :-)

    Anna, I had to look up the yellow mimosa after you mentioned it...and was surprised to see that it is our native wattle tree here in Australia! They are a magnificent sight when they are in full bloom, the tree just explodes into delicate little puffs of the brightest yellow...spectacular! :-)

    B, I don't mind a certain amount of repetition...but right now I'm focusing on simple pieces. Our move to Melbourne is less than seven weeks away now, so half of my supplies are already packed away! My creativity is a little quashed right now, sadly. There are some amazing flowers in Fiji. Ohhh, a bird of that would be a challenge to recreate in beads. Hmmm...

  5. oh Belinda ... you are a stunner and so are your creations. I love the look of this duo - singularly and together. And the whole concept. So clever you are. They look delicious, fresh, delicate, adorable, and imminently wearable.

  6. Stop it,'re making me blush! LOL I'm so glad you like these little necklaces. I know that they're very simple compared to my usual over-the-top creations, but I'm trying to create pieces for every day wear. Hopefully these simple little necklaces still have my 'stamp' on them :-) Thanks for the kind words, lovely lady ♥

  7. Oh gosh, so delicate and beautiful! And definitely unique!

  8. Thank you so much, Lori! Delicate, beautiful and unique was just what I was aiming for ;-)

  9. My beloved late nan was named Lila, I was very excited to see your Lila necklace :).

  10. I'm so glad you like my necklace, Corrie :-) Lila is a beautiful name, and I'm sure your beloved Nan was a beautiful lady ♥

  11. Belinda I am so sorry I thought I left you a not but I left you something on my blog!


  12. Aww, thanks're a sweetie! B. -xo-


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