Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sneak Preview: The *Desert Flower* Ring in Azure

My Muse is happy...

...and so is my husband.

My beautiful new workbench has been put to good use this past week.

The torch was re-ignited after an extended period of quiet...

...filing, sawing, dapping... 

...silver shavings sparkling...

...and a bench pin which is beginning to look as though it is worn and loved.


What joy!  What fun!

I loved every exhilarating minute!

And the fruits of my labour...

The *Desert Flower* Ring in Azure

A statement for your hand at 35mm wide...

...substantial yet delicate...

...a feminine flower...

Wrought of sterling silver and beads in shades of cobalt and azure...

I loved creating it...

...but I love wearing it even more!


Would you like to see how this ring came to fruition?

I'd love you to come along for a ride down memory lane...

Let's go!


It all started with an idea...

...one of those persistent, lingering ideas...

...unrelenting in its pursuit of manifestation!

Silver, saw...

...and a circle is borne...
(uh hello, someone needs a disc cutter...if you're listening Santa...!)

...dap, dap, dap...

...a soft, sweeping, sensual curve...


...ready for soldering!

...a platform for my beadwoven motif...

...a satellite dish for your finger...?

...and finally, modelling a perfectly pretty patina...

...ready for an injection of beadwoven colour! 


To re-live the process of creation is oh-so-satisfying...

...makes me want to go back and do it all again...
(and I will...I WILL...as soon as I finish typing this!)

No wonder I can't stop smiling! :-)

More Moroccan magic coming soon!

P.S.  My lovely husband came up with the name for this ring...isn't he clever?!  I think should ask him to christen my creations more often ;-) LOL


  1. just stunning work belinda, well done and thanks for sharing.


  2. Wow, you're quick Shona! LOL Thank you so much for your lovely words, I'm very happy to share! :-) I neglected to mention how many attempts it took me to solder the prong to the middle of the disc...I only have one set of cross-locking tweezers! Well, that is until the other pair arrive in my mail box later this week ;-) hehe

  3. Oooo Belinda, you done good! That is gorgeous. Can't wait to see the rest of the line. What a clever girl you are.

  4. It looks so great Belinda! I love the mix of the beadwork with the metal. GREAT JOB! Oh, by the way, do you already have your copy of Stringing??! We don't even have ours here! (and yes, that's me in there!)

  5. Very well done, Belinda~ it is absolutely GORGEOUS!

  6. I LOVED reading/looking at your blog post Belinda! Seeing the stages leading up to the finished piece of gorgeousness was fascinating, and rounding off with a pic of beautiful you AND 'Desert Flower' was the icing on the cake. Great style!

    Kerrie xx

  7. wOw, OMG, jumping up and down, laughing for joy. This is fabulous!!!! I love this post. I can't believe how perfectly round you got the disk with out a disk cutter. LOL. This is so great I am so happy you have your space to create what you love.

  8. Wow..it is gorgeous...it is great ring!!

  9. Ah this is such a lovely post to read, Belinda. I didn't see you at the expo, did I miss you or where you working on your desert bloom. Very inspiring, love the soft feel of the black and white image. A wonderful ring.

  10. So great to see the progress shots! Its lovely!

  11. I love how you combine your beadweaving with your silver work.
    Hope you are settling in to your new home. All looks great :)

  12. What a gorgeous ring Belinda. And you are absolutely stunning:) That is something I would love to remember to do sometime -is to take progress shots! xx

  13. Oh Belinda you have done a superb job. I adore how you are incorporating the seed beads and bead weaving with your metal work. Gorgeous... and yet another stunning photo of you!

    Karyn ♥

  14. That ring is LUSH Belinda! Feminine and pretty, am sure it would be a joy to wear. Nice one! :)

  15. OH OH OH YIPPIE Doing cartwheels here (not pretty ones either) That is soooo spectacular and amazing! Thanks for letting me into your creative process it is so fun to watch a beautiful artist at work!


  16. Hi Belinda,
    You asked about the magnesite beads I used on my set. I'm not sure is they are glass but they are heavy. I forgot to ask when I purchased the beads.
    I love your jewelry.


  17. Thank you everyone for your gorgeous comments...my heart is swelling from your kind words (and so is my ego, just a little LOL) A turquoise variation is now in the works...stay tuned ;-)


  18. Wow Belinda! What beautiful work. Excellent! Thanks for the steps, very interesting. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Take care and thx for sharing.

  19. That's beautiful, Belinda! I love how you made even the ring base--it's such an interesting contrast with the beadwork. And I love the name, which happens to be my middle name ;)

  20. Gloria, I'm really glad that everyone is enjoying seeing the steps in my creative process...I enjoy sharing them! I hope that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving :-)

    Thanks Ivy! I really love combining my beadweaving with silversmithing...the possibilities are endless! And how lovely that your middle name matches my ring ;-) hehe



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