Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My creative space... all about new ideas and designs this week...

I'm not really very good at drawing...

...but I try!

The hard part is translating my wonky sketches into wearable jewellery.

Thank the technology gods for Adobe Illustrator!

I can re-create my less-than-symmetrical sketches into a perfect template...

...then cut and paste it to metal sheet, and saw it out...

Have I mentioned how much I love sawing?

I find it strangely relaxing... 

Nothing like having a little company whilst sawing...

...perhaps an apprentice in the making! ;-)

Pop on over to Kootoyoo to see what other creative people are up to today...and don't forget to add your link if you'd like to play along!

Happy creating :-)


  1. Very interesting! Can't wait to see what it will be.

  2. i like your sketches :) a very cute apprentice you have there.

  3. I've just been trawling through your posts since clicking through via a comment you left on my blog - your work is amazing!! I will be coming back here often for sure! I see your sigh and raise you another sigh - it's so frustrating to have plans go pear shaped, isn't it. I will be thinking of you often - here's to less dejected biscuit eating and more shop opening for the both of us! xx

  4. Love your little apprentice, he is being well behaved, I am sure mine would have they fingers wrapped around the saw!

  5. What do you mean? I think your drawings are good!! And your apprentice is flat out adorable.

  6. Kirsty, I can't wait to see what it will be too! LOL ;-)

    Thanks Belinda! I'm just grateful for Illustrator, and being able to draw symmetrically LOL

    Elizabeth, thank you for your gorgeous comments...I'm blushing! And yes, here's to less dejected biscuit eating and more shop opening for both of us :-) I'm telling you, 2011 will be our year!!!

    Lou, my little apprentice just happened to be sitting still for a split second so I could take a photo! The next second, he was off and running and playing with any tools he could get his little hands on! LOL

    You're too kind, Brandi...thanks for the vote of confidence! And thanks for the lovely words about my little apprentice. The weather is starting to heat up here so we had to give him his very first hair cut the other day. It just about broke my heart to cut off all of those beautiful curls! *sob* He seems to run faster without all of that hair now...

  7. Hi! Your blog is really pretty and you make lovely things :-) Your sketches look pretty good to me too :-)

  8. Its great catching a glimpse of your sketch book! Your drawing is not bad at all... you should see mine ! :)
    I agree - your apprentice is very cute; lovely curly hair ! :)

  9. I'm loving your sketches too - you just didn't realise it but you can draw! Your little guy is gorgeous.

  10. I love your work space. I can hardly belive how big the baby is getting. Wow.

  11. Thank you Vanessa! I'm so glad you like my're welcome here anytime! :-)

    Geanina, I was a little embarrassed to show my sketchbook, but I feel somewhat better about it after all the kind comments :-) Thankfully Illustrator is much better drawing than I am! LOL Jett's curls were getting out of control so we had to snip them off last sad! :-(

    Thanks Pam! I really should sketch more often...practice makes perfect! Thanks for the comment on my little apprentice too :-)

    Nicole, I can hardly believe how big he is getting too...16 months has gone by in a flash! He'll always be my little boy though :-) B. -xo-

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  13. Well your drawing looks pretty good to me Belinda. And that is just the cutest little 'helper'!xx

  14. Thanks Lenita! I can't always get working on a design straight away, so I find it helps to put all of my ideas down on paper. The little 'helper' just LOVES to 'help'...especially when it comes to rearranging the tools on my workbench! LOL ;-) B. -xo-


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