Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Creative Space...

I hate wasting metal,

particularly as the price of silver keeps going up and up.

So, the question arose about what to do with the centre I sawed out from my *Moroccan Trinkets* motifs...

The answer?

Make Moroccan Charm Bangles!

Simple and sweet,

and guaranteed to sing a tune every time you move!

I wish I could take all of the credit for these,

but I did have a little help from my apprentice...

He's very enthusiastic!

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  1. Ohh what a fantastic idea belinda!! Are these going in your etsy store at all?

  2. Wonderful idea! I hate waisting good stuff, too! Loooove the bangles! ;)
    Giveaway? Did I almost miss it? Going to enter right now!

  3. You are once again amazing! So smart to use the leftovers to make yet another treasure! Hey that apprentice of yours is a handsome one!

  4. Awww!!!

    These are gorgeous ~ seriously great!!!

  5. Good morning B. I am chuckling. You cleaver girl. Yes there is something special when jewelry sings a song as you wear it.

  6. Good Morning!!! Love the bangles!!

    Have a great day.

    PS your little man is darling.

  7. those are fantastic!!! i love that shape

  8. So now my favorite necklace has an equally stunning bracelet! Just beautiful.

  9. Margie yes! The bangles are in the shop right now :-) I'm in the middle of making some more trinkets necklace so I'm going to try and come up with some other creative ways to use these little charms ;-)

    Jana, I'm so glad you like them! And yes, do go and enter my giveaway!!

    Thanks Kristen! The cutouts were just too lovely to melt down...I'm glad I found a use for them :-)

    Thanks Jo! I think I may just have to make a set for myself ;-) LOL

    Nicole, I like jewellery that tinkles and chimes and lets you know it's there! Making bangles was actually my Grandpa's idea...when he was in hospital recently one of the nurses attending to him had a set of bangles on and they jingled every time she moved. So he thought I should make some bangles...this was his idea! :-)

    Thank you Evie! Jett loves to help out when I'm at the workbench...he does a great job of spreading my metal stamps all over the floor ;-) LOL

    Thanks Copper Diem! I'm in love with Moroccan designs and patterns...they are just so beautiful!

    Thanks Lou! So I have a necklace and bracelets, I wonder what's next...earrings, perhaps...? ;-)

  10. GREAT use of Waste! It is not a waste afterall it is quite lovely! Please enter me in your Giveaway. Nicole from Beadwright sent me

  11. 2nd entry, I am a follower :)

  12. 3rd entry...I "LIKE" you on FB

  13. 4th entry,
    My fav pieces are the new "waste" moroccan charms bracelet, Moroccan trinket necklace, and this one a bit out of my price range but it is GORGEOUS...Gateway to marrakesh necklace.

    I have a question, are your chains, and ear wires SS also? I am sensitive and can only wear real metals. (or should I say precious metals)
    Thanks, Susan

  14. I love what you did with the left over pieces!

  15. Thanks Jillian! I love the way they chime as you move :-) -xo-

    Hi Susan, it's lovely to meet you! Nicole is so sweet for sending you :-) I have entered you in my giveaway! To answer your question, all of my chains and hand forged earwires are sterling silver :-)

    Thank you so much Aleta!

  16. What a cute idea... certainly a great way to use those left over pieces... and your little apprentice is just too cute!

    Karyn ♥

  17. A very good idea to recuperate the rests of your metal ! What a nice little assistant !

  18. Karyn, I always end up with so lots of little pieces of scrap silver, so it's nice to be able to do something with these...these little charms practically made themselves :-)

    Thank you so much Veer! My little assistant is always wanting to his own special way ;-)

  19. Thank you so much, Jenny! :-)

    Lori, it's lovely to see you here...thank you SO much for stopping by :-) I'm so glad you like my little charms!


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