Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The studio is open...part two!

So, when we left the studio yesterday there was a ring yet to be finished,

more cups of coffee yet to be sipped,

and half an orange cake that was just begging to be devoured!

Are you ready to head back to the studio?

Come on!

Well, the tumbler has been a-rumblin',

and the ring has emerged oh-so-shiny... now it's time for a bath... Liver of Sulphur :-)
(you might want to hold your nose...things get rather smelly right about now)

Nice and dark,

and ready to be rubbed back to a matte finish.

Then the fun really begins,

all of the components come together,

bit by bit.

Throw in a little bit of hammering,
(here, don't forget your ear muffs!) 

and voila...she is finished!

A custom made turquoise *Desert Flower* Ring...

...perfectly pretty...

...and ready to be worn by her beautiful new owner! :-)

Thanks for visiting me in the studio,

it was really lovely to have you here.

Let's do this again soon, ok!


  1. YAY!!!! It is surely exquisite Belinda :)
    *big warm bear hugs*

  2. Oh yes that was fun in the studio for sure and the ring is another stunning creation!

  3. Hello Belinda,
    you make so beautiful and extraordinary jewels.
    I am happy that I
    found your in the www.
    Ciao from Italy

  4. Beautiful and what a fun trip through your studio.

  5. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge and process with is a beautiful thing! Of all the jewelry I have made, and my tendencies are towards cold connections , vintage, and organic with bling, I need to really learn the true basics of soldering, which is on the list of things to do. You are a wonderful inspiration, thank you!

  6. Love this ring. And I like that you share the before and after pictures.

  7. I'm so glad you like it, Margie :-D -xo-

    Thanks I would love to have you all over for coffee, cake and creating!!!

    Hi Susy, I'm so happy you're here! :-D Thanks for your lovely comments, you're welcome here anytime!!

    Thanks Sandi...I really enjoying sharing the process from start to finish :-)

    Thanks Evie! :-D

    Sharon, I'm utterly thrilled that you find my work inspiring! And yes I agree, you should absolutely learn all about soldering. You will find that it opens up a whole world of possibility and adds new dimension to your work. Plus it is wonderfully satisfying :-) Thank you for your lovely words! -xo-

    Thanks Susanna! I really must make up this ring in different colours...cobalt, yellow, tangerine are all on my list of colourways to make!

  8. I love taking a peek into your studio - thanks for inviting us!

    Yet another gorgeous ring.

    Karyn ♥

  9. Thank you so much, Jo! I love making these rings...the combination of metal and beads is lots of fun :-) -xo-

    Thanks Tess! It's so lovely of you to drop by :-D

    Karyn, I absolutely love seeing other artists at work...I wish more would share a behind-the-scenes peek into their studios! ;-) So it's my pleasure to share :-D

  10. Gosh you are a clever, inspiring lady! I love your work!


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