Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The studio is open...

It seems that you like to watch me work,

to see a creation come to fruition

from a seed of thought through to a wearable jewel.

That is human nature though, isn't it...

to be voyeuristic :-)

I love to see the creative process of other artisans,

so it is my pleasure to share my own with you!


So, the door to my studio is open...

come on in!

The kettle is boiled

and there is orange cake baking in the oven.

Take a seat over there...

I'm going to sit down at my workbench

and we'll chat as I work...

There is a custom ring to be made,

my *Desert Flower* Ring in a size that is *just right* for someone special :-)  

It starts with a circle...

...which is curved ever so slightly...

...and you're wondering why there is a latex glove sitting in my wooden doming block?

It's so that the metal disc doesn't get wedged into the indentation in the wood (which happens rather too easily!)  The glove helps the disc to pop right out after I've finished hammering ;-)

...my makers mark, stamped and sawed...
(I do have so much fun with these...nearly every mark I make is a different shape!  But that story deserves a post all to itself)

...the components wait patiently to be married together...

...and not forgetting the Flower itself, waiting in the wings...

It's time to solder!  So I crank up the iPod...

...the ring starts to take shape...

...and I remind you that you can never have too many (third) hands! ;-)

And at this point, my two little rugrats come screaming into the studio and everything must be forgotten for an hour or five :-)

Such is life!

Do drop by the studio tomorrow though...

there is a ring to finish,

and more cups of coffee to sip.

Oh, and half an orange cake that we have yet to devour! :-)


  1. Wow, Belinda!! It is so wonderful to see the progress photos!

    pa I can't wait to receive my ring!


  2. I love sharing the process, Margie! Especially for anyone who doesn't create handcrafted jewellery, it gives them an insight into how much work goes into each and every piece...and hopefully an appreciation :-) This ring is going to look gorgeous on your hand! :-D B. -xo-

  3. Love, love, love these posts. Thanks for sharing - it is really important that folks see how much work goes into handmade. Every dollar is worth it! Can't wait to see this beauty unfold.

  4. Hi B this is a great post. I do love watching you work.

  5. I love to see progress pictures...this was great...can't wait to see the finish.

  6. Fantastic post and process....love it!

  7. Thanks Kirsty, that's why I share them...I know how much you love seeing the process :-) I think many people don't realise how much work goes into handmade...I've had people ask me where I bought the ring base for these rings, not realising that I create them myself from scratch! LOL I always love seeing your process photos too. They make me realise that you have the patience of a saint! ;-) -xo-

    Thanks Nicole, you're welcome to cover over for coffee and orange cake anytime :-D -xo-

    I'm trying to remember to take more photos as I work, Sandi...all too often I'm so involved in my work that I forget!

    Thank you so much Sharon! I wish I could have everyone in the studio with me while I work...so this is the next best thing ;-)

  8. That was fun, Belinda:) I keep meaning to do that myself, but just never seem to remember. I may just do that for my next piece!

  9. Oh I can smell the coffee and cake....hear those angels in the background as I sit in total awe watching a beautiful artist at work. I may even keep those angels busy waiting for mine!

  10. Lenita, I would pay good money to watch you work! You really must take progress photos of your next piece...I would love, love, LOVE to see them!! :-D B. -xo-

    Schux Kristen, you always know how to make me smile :-))) I'm sure my little angels would keep you busy...they only know one speed, and that is FAST! LOL -xo-

  11. very cool post!!! i can just hear the eagles playing in the background! great choice!!! :-)

  12. I love seeing your work in progress. It's turning out beautiful! Can't wait to see it finished.

  13. It's really a wonderful post and amazing to see your works.It's mind blowing...So go0 ahead with it with best result...which am waiting eagerly to look after to it.

  14. Wow, you are going ahead with wonderful work.I too enjoy your work and it seem to give a fabulous result with your process.Just waiting to see the adorning piece.


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