Sunday, August 31, 2008


My first tutorial is in the works...

A little premature, you might say? Or vain?

Perhaps... but there is valid reason for doing so...

A lovely Beading Forum member adored my Sunflowers neckpiece so much that she requested a tutorial of my design. Not willing to provide step-by-step instructions for my entire piece (as I was contemplating entering it in a beading competition), but nonetheless flattered that someone was inspired by my design, I happily agreed to see what I could come up with for the centrepiece sunflower.

So stay tuned for my free sunflower tutorial in the coming weeks :)

Not long before making my necklace, I had bought a wonderful book by master beadweaver, Carol Wilcox Wells. Something in her introduction really gelled with me and stuck in my head... each of us opens doorways for others to pass through

Her words really struck a chord in me, and rather than try to selfishly keep my designs and my ideas to myself for fear of being copied or outdone, I was inspired by Carol’s words to share what I know (which, mind you, is very little…but you never stop learning, no?).

I like the idea of inspiring others to find their own creativeness, spurred on by something I have designed. I don’t like the idea of others ‘copying’ my exact design (another reason I will only provide a blueprint for the centerpiece sunflower, and not the entire neckpiece). Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but I prefer flowers and chocolates, thank you very much.

Although I own a rather ridiculous amount of beading magazines full of beautiful beading designs, I have never made one of them. Not one. Zip. Zilch. Rather than copy what another artist has designed and created, I prefer to create my own interpretation of the part of their work that inspires me. By generously providing a tutorial on an element of my own creation, I hope to inspire others to create their own interpretation of my work. If someone is going to take credit for my design, it is more a reflection on the sort of person that they are. And besides, I hear Karma has a rather nasty bite ;)

If no-one ever shared their knowledge of beading, the art would eventually disappear and be lost forever. For the continuity of the art of beading, I am happy to pass on what little knowledge and ideas I do have. And I hope that they will be appreciated.


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