Monday, August 11, 2008

Oh, the excitement!

It is with sheer and utter delight (and surprise!) that I bring news this morning of my Dracula's Tango necklace winning runner-up in the Beading Forum Transylvania Challenge!

*comes down off cloud nine to do a happy dance around the room*

I received a colourful little runner-up badge to adorn my forum signature. It's so purrrrdy.

To receive recognition from one's peers is a confidence booster like no other. Sure, my family are always supportive and tell me how much they love my work. But if I strung some freeze-dried dog poo around my neck they would still tell me it's lovely!

So to be applauded and recognised by those in the know is, well, just damn brilliant.

My ego is overflowing this morning. I can't even begin to describe how chuffed I am right now. After having a few horrendous nights with our teething 10 month old, to wake up and receive this wonderful news is not only timely, but so appreciated.

So excuse me while I fly away, but cloud nine has my name on it...

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