Sunday, August 17, 2008


Here is my latest and greatest.

Entitled 'Sunflowers', it was inspired by the sunflowers series of paintings by the master, Van Gogh. And predictably, it was made for another YOJ challenge on the Beading Forum...yes I know, I know, I'm an addict!

I started the large sunflower on Wednesday night, and the entire necklace was finished by Sunday morning. How's that for efficiency! Well, I haven't been getting much sleep lately with a teething 10 month old terror, so I figure I should make the most of my late nights by doing something constructive.

At this point, I'd like to thank my ever-supportive husband for putting up with my beading madness over the last few days. This necklace was BEGGING to be made, and it would still be a work in progress if it weren't for him. Thanks darling! *mwah*

I'm toying with the notion of entering it in the Bead & Gem Show Competition this year. However, as I only started beading earlier this year, I've never even been to the Sydney show and have no idea what the level of competition is like. Anyway, I may just try my luck...


  1. Holy Moly!! That's un-fricken-believable, you got bucket loads of talent girl!!

  2. Just enter it, honestly, do it. It is such a joyous piece. It is sure to make anyone feel happy to be alive. And that is the purpose of beading no? Happy to be alive and joyous. Just enter it. See it as an adventure, don't expect anything and wear some beaded armour LOL.

  3. This is a real beauty, congratulations !

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