Tuesday, March 22, 2011


This week there has been a serious Gem-O-Rama going on in the Saville household...

Oh, yes indeed!

The postman and the courier and the DHL driver have paid me more visits than I can count on my two hands.
(Gosh, that sounds rather excessive doesn't it!  And the crazy thing is that there is more to come!)

So, wanna see the stash?

Of course you do!

It started with some cabochons...

Variscite, Sleeping Beauty Turquoise (the most PERFECT shade of turquoise!) and a very interesting Lapis & Laguna Saginite doublet (two layers of stone, forever joined in perfect prettiness)...

Rhodonite and Porcelain Jasper...
(pretty in pink)

And then there were the faceted gems...

(this is just a select few...I couldn't bring myself to pull 40 odd stones out of their teeny tiny bags and then have to put them all back again LOL)

There is fluorite, Mexican opal, citrine, spessarite garnet, watermelon tourmaline, peridot and ruby...

...and just for fun, a couple of excessively large lab-created madeira citrines...

and amethysts...

These are big with a capital BLING!!!

What do you think about lab-created gems?  

These ones are perfectly faceted, perfectly coloured and perfectly flawless.

And the price is oh-so-right!

The funny thing is, it costs nearly as much to create a stone in a lab as it does to mine natural stones from the ground.

So, what am I going to create with this excessive collection of gem loveliness?

Something like this...

...and perhaps something like this...

But more on those later ;-)

I hear little tummies grumbling so it must be dinner time!


  1. *swoon*

    Or instead of creating with them and spend time and money on silver.... you could just send them all to me. :D I promise I'll take real good care of them. Tee-heee..

    No? Ok, just send me the last ring then. The one with the faceted smoky quartz and filigree flower. Kthxbai.

  2. Woooww...very very beautiful!!! Love it!!!

  3. I've been checking out the lab created gems on Ebay - they certainly do have a sparkle to them don't they!

    I absolutely adore that last ring...oh my it is just divine. I trust this one is a keeper for you...surely?

    I can't wait to get my workshop set up. I am looking into doing a beginner's 5 week course through a local goldsmith to learn the basics... have been resisting buying gems until I am set up!!

    Karyn ♥

  4. Oh so now I see who beat me to that lapis saginite!!!! I cannot wait to see what you do with her!
    Beautiful, drool worthy indeed!

  5. Oh my goodness...what a haul you made and the rings are gorgeous. I am with you Carole...I wondered who snatched that beauty out from under me...can't wait to see what you do with it.

  6. I'm salivating:) Nothing quite beats receiving packages of stones in the post! Love the last ring.

  7. wow, Belinda - those stones ... I could eat them - they look delicious. I ve been staring at those citrines for a while now. And that last ring with the flower on the side - looks stunning. Can't wait to see what you re going to make with all these beauties!
    Geanina :)

  8. The rings are absoloutely gorgeous!! Love all the stones too :)

  9. LOL A-K, you'll have to arm wrestle me for the smoky quartz ring. Kthxbai :-P

    Thanks Susy! I'm in love with these new gems...and I can't wait to start using them!

    Karyn, yes the ring is a keeper...but only because it has a tiny flaw! I'll write about that soon ;-) Very exciting to hear that you're getting your work area set up. The course sounds like a good idea...I'm sure you would learn loads from a professional!

    Carole and Sandi, I usually miss out on Mike's best stones because of the time difference...he always updates his shop in the middle of the night when I'm asleep! LOL So I saw this lapis saginite and hit 'buy' before I could think twice about it! I hope I can do it justice...it's so very pretty :-)

    I think I've gone a little gem-crazy in the past few weeks, Lenita. I guess that's what happens when I get sick and have to spend time out of the studio...I sit on the computer and spend money instead LOL

    Geanina, they are definitely good enough to eat! The citrines are lovely, aren't they...even though they're created in a lab, they're very decadent :-) I'm looking forward to creating something extravagant with them!

    Thank you so much, Michele! :-)

    Thanks Evie! :-D

  10. The photos don't do it justice, Kath...it's the most perfect shade of turquoise you can imagine! I've just put it in the photo album of cabochons I have available for custom jewellery on my Facebook page :-)

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