Saturday, March 12, 2011

New to the shop

Despite being struck down with the flu,
(and having two sick little munchkins to boot)

it has been a rather productive week in the studio...

...and I have finally been able to update the shop with some new listings!

The Petite *Desert Flower* Rings I showed you last week are finished and listed...

They look good enough to eat!

The Azure ring is a fraction under a US ring size 7...

The Saffron ring is a US ring size 6.5...

...and the Tangerine ring is a fraction under a US ring size 8...

I also finally got around to listing these *Treasures of the Souk* Earrings which I finished a few weeks ago... 

...with the help of my gorgeous husband!

I gave him a lesson in Soldering 101...

he is a natural with the torch...

he didn't melt anything...

and he was most definitely the teachers favourite ;-)

Wishing you a wonderful weekend, lovelies!


  1. Thanks Heroilda! :-D I wish I could wear one on every finger!

  2. I love your new rings and earrings. Hope you all feel better soon.

  3. Thanks Sandi :-) I hope we're all feeling better soon too...I hate being sick because it means I have to slow down LOL

  4. Hello Belinda, those ring are amazing and the earring so classy, hope you and the munchkin's are feeling well soon, it's bad when we big munchkin's get sick but when the little ones get it :( p.s. good job with the torch hubbie:)

  5. Beautiful Belinda - I especially love the earrings. Looks like Anthony is a natural too!

    Karyn ♥

  6. Gorgeous! And BRAVO dahling for utilizing hubby. I bet he'll buy his very own torch soon. LOL

  7. B these are absolutely beautiful. Your art has such life. I can see your passion in each piece.

  8. Hi Lana! I'm so glad you like my latest jewels...they were lots of fun to make (particularly with hubby's help on the earrings!) We are all slowly getting over our colds, and I think I'm finally ready to crank up the torch again after a few days without. How I have missed soldering!

    Thanks Karyn! The earrings are extra special because they were a collaboration with Anthony ;-) I think we need to collaborate more often!!

    Nicole, you always knows how to warm my heart with your words. Thank you, my friend -xxxooo-

  9. Glad you are starting to feel better Belinda....your work always shows your passion, and your earrings are gorgeous!

  10. I am too, Sharon! I hate being sick because it means that I have to slow down LOL I'm so glad that my passion for my jewellery comes through in what I create! ♥ I truly love every single moment!!

  11. Son espectaculares, me encanta el color y el diseƱo.....preciosos

  12. I love your Moroccan collection,Belinda - it is so exotic, vibrant and full of colour. The way you balance metal work and beadweaving is fantastic. The rings look striking and fun; the earrings so feminine,light and airy.
    Get better soon :)

  13. Thank you Celeste! :-)

    Geanina, I think colour is what drives me! I love using it in my work :-) Thank you so much for your lovely words...they mean so much! -xo-

  14. I love the rings!!! And the earrings too!!!

  15. Wow, it's splendid a great work and finally you are rocking with such wonderful pieces of rings and earrings.They are so eye catching and fabulous work of art.Well done!


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