Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sterling silver and drusy ring...and a workbench that is abloom!

I knew I had to have this stone as soon as I saw it...

Can you blame me?

It is spectacular with a capital 'WOW'!

And now it has a sparkling new home built of sterling and fine silver...

layered and lovely...

terrifically textured...

painted with a pretty patina...
(and doesn't it just make the layers and textures leap out at you!)

...and ready to be worn and loved!

The only thing I love more than working with beautiful gems such as this,

is working with gems of people such as the new owner of this ring.

Thank you SO much for letting me create this special ring just for you, Triz!

This stone is *nearly* half as lovely as you are ♥


My workbench has also been abloom with my Desert Flower rings this weekend!

I'm working on a custom made Desert Flower ring for a lovely, lovely lady...

...and I had the idea (some time ago) to create a 'petite' version of this ring.

The original is a sweeping 37mm in diameter.

And the petite version will be 31mm in diameter :-)
(no, really, it IS petite!)

I couldn't decide which colour to start working on... I started with three...

Tangerine, Saffron and Azure.


The ring bands haven't been attached yet, so send me a message if you'd like me to make one of these lovelies in your size :-)

Wishing you a wonderful week, my friends!


  1. Beautiful stone with a beautiful it.

  2. your work is just gorgoeous, it inspires me to want to learn. Your just amazing.

  3. Thank you Sandi...I have never seen a drusy like this before so I just had to have it! :-D

    Awww Shona, thank you! I have been inspired to learn by the most incredible, talented it is humbling to think that my work would inspire you to learn. Thank you for the ultimate compliment, lovely! -xo-

  4. WOW Belinda!!! You are going places... fast. Utter gorgeousness that druay ring. Love it.

    And I love that you're mixing the metalsmithing with your weaving. So smart.

  5. Gorgeous ring, Belinda, and especially with all the layers and texture - makes it extra special:) Have a great week too -x

  6. I just like to challenge myself, A-K! This week, I've challenged myself to set a faceted gemstone...a whopping great smoky quartz weighing in at a lovely 27.5 carats. It's the first time I've created my own bezel wire...and fitted a bearing inside...and it's so much fun! :-D I'm so glad you like my beadweaving and silversmithing combinations...the tricky part is figuring out how to attach the beads without destroying them, because they're not as durable as gems! LOL

    Lenita, I've been having lots of fun experimenting with different textures lately. I was delighted with the infinite number of textures I could create with my little box of Dremel attachments! The texture on the bottom layer of this drusy ring was created with an old pair of round nosed pliers that I'd never gotten around to throwing away...a few hits with my hammer created these lovely indentations! LOL :-) I hope you have a wonderful week! -xo-

  7. Ohh Belinda that stone is a wowzar lucky lady ~ your work is amazing xo

  8. Isn't it, Jo...I fell in love the moment I saw it! Wish I could find another one too LOL Thanks for your gorgeous comments about my work...coming from a silversmith of your immense talent, I'm truly humbled!! B. -xo-

  9. Beautiful Belinda. I am really enjoying your silver work but do miss your seed beads too! You really are a natural with the metal though. I still have my eye on that Marrakesh pendant!!


  10. Hi Belinda,
    wow, so great work, i like your style and design very much. B E A U T I F U L

  11. Thanks Karyn! I don't know about being a natural, but I do try very hard :-) There is always room for improvement, and soooo much to learn! But I love every moment of it ♥ And my seed beads will always have a place in my work! I still have so many ideas for combining the two mediums...I just need more hours in the day!!

    Thank you so much, Karin :-) You always say the nicest things when you stop by my blog. Thank you! -xo-

  12. Hi B. The rings are amazing. Triz will cherish it.

  13. Beautiful! Love the texture you created!

  14. Thanks Nicole, it was a joy to create this ring for Triz :-)

    Thank you, Tess! :-D

  15. Hi Belinda,
    wow.. so great work, i like your design very much. very very B E A U T I F U L... love it.

  16. Hi Susy, thank you so much for your kind have made my day! B. -xo-


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