Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneak Preview: The *Ryad* Necklace in Cinnamon

I am dreaming of Morocco...

...the warmth of the desert, the technicolour architecture, the bustling souks...did I mention the warmth of the desert...?  I would do anything to escape the Winter chill right now!

So, dreaming of Morocco, I present to you another sneak preview from my Moroccan-inspired collection...

The *Ryad* Necklace is a cascade of beadwoven 'windows' in shades of cinnamon and deepest chocolate, with a splash of tangerine...

The centrepiece hangs from a delicate pure copper oval rolo chain which I have patinated, hand-finished, and sealed.  The individual components are connected with patinated copper rings, making the necklace swing delightfully as you walk.

A 'Ryad' (or 'Riad') is a traditional Moroccan house or palace, typically with an enclosed garden.  Many have been converted into hotels, particularly in the popular tourist town of Marrakech.  What an inspiring location to spend a holiday!  

The rooms of the Ryad are often focused inward and around the central garden, as the outer walls of the building often lack windows to shield the occupants from the harsh elements.  

The 'windows' of my *Ryad* necklace were inspired by these beautiful homes...

The Cinnamon colourway is the first in this collection, but I will be making variations of the *Ryad* necklace in different colourways...stay tuned!

What exotic locations are you dreaming of, or inspired by...?

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. This necklace is very beautiful, I love it and is beautiful colour!

  2. I always forget that some of my blogging friends are not on my side of the world, facing a hot (I mean really HOT) summer atm.
    My inspiring place is very exotic, as I'm working on a series based on space and the planets, refining my bead embroidery skills.

  3. Gorgeous colours, Belinda. aaaah the spicy cinnamon tones are so warm, that looks great. I like the mix of seed beaded components and metals.

    How inspirational are those images, I can see where the warmth is coming from. Shan't whinge about the cold, seeing I just had almost 3 weeks in the tropics. Inspirational as always from you.

  4. Thank you so much, Anna! It has been a very cold Winter here in Perth, so I am craving warmth...I think that shows in this piece LOL

    Kokopelli, I have heart many of my overseas friends complaining of the Summer heat...and all I can say is that I am jealous! LOL I don't think much of the cold...give me a hot Summer any day :-) Wow, your collection sounds inspiring! It doesn't get any more exotic than outer space!!

    Thanks B...I'm focusing on combining metal with seeds at the moment, I'm really enjoying this kind of work for now. I'm so glad that you had a great time in Fiji...I bet you didn't want to come back! Hope you brought some of that wonderful Fijian sunshine back with you ;-)

  5. oh my my your blog is a bit on the lovely side of things!
    i enjoy your gazing at the pretty pictures ever so much

  6. Thank you so much Lauren :-) I just popped over to your blog, and WOW, your drawings are A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! You have talent to spare ;-) Thanks for stopping by, you are welcome any time! B. -xo-

  7. Just beautiful Belinda... you know I love earthy tones so this one is just perfect for me ... a definite favourite. Gorgeous work as always.


  8. Thanks Karyn! I really love earthy tones at the moment...anything that makes me feel warm and takes me away (at least in my mind! LOL) from this cold Winter weather! :-)

  9. Oh my word, Belinda. I adore everything you're posting up on your blog but this one is sublime.

  10. Schux, thanks Ren for the lovely comments :-D I'm working on a variation of this necklace at the moment in 'Sahara gold'...hope to have something to show soon! :-)


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