Wednesday, July 14, 2010

My creative space...

I love it when a new design comes together with ease.  

It doesn't happen often, I usually produce many prototypes before a good design is realised.

So imagine my delight the other night, when this romantic, vintage-inspired pendant came together in just over an hour...

Despite it's size (the pendant is almost 4cm x 4cm), it is amazingly lightweight thanks to the dainty Vintaj brass filigree component in the centre...

This design is yet to be named...I'd love to hear your suggestions!

And while you're in a commenting mood, I'd love to hear what you think of my photos!  (*click on the photos for an enlarged image*)  I have been playing around with props, and trying to inject a mood into my photos.  

The props in these photos are a vintage beaded purse from my Mum, and a scrap of vintage beaded fabric that my 88 year old Grandpa gave me.  He isn't sure of the origin exactly, but thinks it may have come from a very, very old wedding dress.  Nan had it sitting in her stash of fabric for years, and Grandpa only rediscovered it a few months ago and thought I should have it.  It is a beautifully delicate treasure, and I think it tells a wonderful story!

See what other creative people are up to at Kirsty's blog.

Thanks for looking, and be well!


  1. I love it Belinda. Another one of your great delish pieces. And I love the background pieces. (I WANT!!!) How lucky you are!

    Your piece looks like little grains of rice (but much more beautiful, of course). How about "Romantic Grains of Nostalgia"?

    Beautiful as always Belinda.

  2. I love the pendant, Belinda...such a lovely open effect!!
    In light of the props you have used for the photo..."Remnants of a Bygone era"..sprang to mind for a name! hehe

  3. I think it is lovely too - it has a vintage feel but earthy colours - nice combo. I also like the different textures you have used for the backgrounds of your pics. I am rubbish at coming up with names though so no help there I'm afraid!

  4. Belinda, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

    Wow, your designs are beautiful! I'm sure to come back. I would name this design the Avalon Necklace. It looks kind of ancient and almost mystical, I think. :-)

  5. Wow, what an amazing necklace. You have such a talent being able to make something like that.

  6. es precioso,tiene un encanto divino!
    y cuando se mira en las fotos ampliadas se puede ver todo el trabajo tan espectacular que has hecho.
    Yo también lo llamaría Colgante Belinda.
    Enhorabuena por tu trabajo!

  7. Beautiful pendant Belinda... your pieces are always perfect. I love nearly anything from the Vintaj range and I adore the colours you have used.

    I think the photos look fantastic too - they have a very professional feel to them.


  8. How beautiful! I thought that the beaded fabric was part of the necklace, but then I realised when I looked at the second pic. Lovely photos, they definitely capture a mood.

  9. Ok this is amazing I absolutely love mixing metal an seeds (in fact I am working on something myself but not like this!) Photos are stunning and the only name I can think of is 'Earthy Goodness' I know it's kinda lame but it is so pretty!

    I have also recently fallen for all Vintaj (haven't gotten any yet but I will)


  10. Thanks Hel! I was so touched that Grandpa thought of me when he found the scrap of beaded fabric in Nan's old stash. He had in mind that I could use the beads and sequins in my jewellery, but I couldn't possibly! It is sooooo old and utterly beautiful, I will treasure it and use it in my photos :-)

    Thanks Julz, I'm so glad you like it...thanks for the suggestion too! :-)

    Sue, I'm happy you like the background in my photos...I was worried that I'd gone a little over-the-top LOL

    CN, you're very welcome :-) I love your suggestion of the Avalon necklace...really beautiful, thank you!

    Thank you so much, Lou! I'm really glad you like it :-)

    Inma, you're too kind...and I had a good chuckle about your name suggestion! LOL It's very sweet of you, thank you so much ♥

    Karyn, this was the first time I'd used Vintaj components and I absolutely love them! All of the findings and the etched chain are also Vintaj :-) Thanks for the lovely comments about the photos too!

    Kellie, I had another look at the first photo and realised what you meant about the beaded background looking like it was part of the necklace...OOPS! LOL Thanks for pointing that out...I guess I still have a lot to learn about styling in photos!! Thank you so much for stopping by :-)

    Kristen, I can't wait to see what you're doing with metal and seeds! Combining the two mediums opens up endless possibilities, I'm having lots of fun with it...and I'm sure you are too :-) Vintaj components are great, I'm going to be ordering some more soon (this was my first time using them...really good quality!)

  11. I love the romantic feel of this piece! The photography of the necklace is also wonderful.

    How about Harlequin for the name? :)

  12. Thank you Heroilda! :-)

    Thank you so much SH...and I love your suggestion of Harlequin for the name, that is fabulous! Coming from a photographer, your comment about my photos means a lot to thank you kindly! :-)

  13. I love such moments too - when a new design comes together with ease... Amazing work,amazing photos! And the title... What do you think about "Kaleidoscope"?

  14. Thank you so much Olga :-) I love your suggestion of 'Kaleidoscope' too...great name!

  15. Oh, gosh! You made this beautiful pendant using my favourite colours :) I especially love that brass filigree component in the middle! It's absolutely excellent!!!
    LOL, N.

  16. Isn't the Vintaj component just wonderful! As soon as it arrived in my letterbox, I couldn't wait to use many possibilities! I'm so glad you like it, Niki :-) B. -xo-


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