Sunday, September 11, 2011

Moving on...

These are all the pieces that remain of my *Moroccan Odyssey* Collection...

Moroccan Odyssey Collection

...they look so pretty together, 

a colourful collective...

Moroccan Odyssey Collection 2

...the result of many, many hours of love and inspiration and creation...

Moroccan Odyssey Collection 3

But I feel it is time to move on...

Each piece has been reduced by 15% for one month only,
(until 11 October 2011)

and any piece remaining at that time will be taken out of my shop and placed in a new venue.

I want these lovely pieces to find lovely homes!

As much as I love looking at them every day,

turning them over in my hand and feeling proud of my work,

I would feel happy to my very soul knowing that they are being worn and loved!

I hope you find something that has to be yours :-)

Moroccan Odyssey Collection 4


In other news, I realised that a few milestones have befallen me...

~ one amazing year of silversmithing ~
(though really, it feels like I've always been doing this...)

~ 50 sales in my Etsy shop ~
(each one special and momentous)

~ 50,000 hits on my blog and counting ~

Any one of those milestones is a reason to celebrate,

but the fact that they have all happened at once has left me feeling,





So, to celebrate, I'll be having a little giveaway.

Just to say thanks.

Details to come very soon.

I'm excited,

are you?!



  1. They look so gorgeous all together, especially the rings - love the colours. Congratulations on so many milestones, you have worked very hard and deserve every accolade you get, clever lady.
    Do you get many requests for non-silver versions? I am curious because I can't wear silver (as it makes me look like a corpse) and I imagine there must be other folks like me out there. Do you ever use brass or other warmer metals?

  2. Thanks K! I love the colours in those rings too...they make me happy just looking at them :-)

    I've had a few requests for warmer metals, and have done some work with brass and copper. I tend to make ring bands and ear-wires in sterling though, because brass or copper can turn one's skin green! If only my budget extended to gold... *le sigh* I only use 9ct gold as accents at the moment, but I dream of creating in all gold one day...!

    I'm always happy to work with you if you have something in mind...shoot me a message whenever you like! ;-)


  3. The pieces look so beautiful grouped together! Congratulations on reaching those amazing milestones :). x

  4. Congratulations to your milestones!!
    I'm excited about your giveaway too :)

  5. Thanks Michele! I love seeing them all grouped together...colourful and happy :-) x

    Thank you Tess! Those milestones mean so very much to me...I am thrilled by everyone's support ♥

  6. What a gorgeous collection - I remembered the pieces beautiful but seeing them together is a gentle reminder.

    I can't wait for your givewaway... I already have my fingers and toes crossed for good luck!


  7. Oh B you so know I get so excited when you move on to further your creative spirit! So many milestones for such a special person is AWESOME! You know I am in for anything you want to share with us!!!!!!


  8. Thanks Karyn, they certainly have more impact grouped together like this! I'm very excited about my giveaway and I'm glad you are too!! All shall be revealed soon ;-)

    Kristen, I can't keep up with my creative spirit sometimes...she won't let me sleep! LOL But creating with my hands does make me so very happy...I feel so lucky that I can share my creations and receive so much love and support for what I do :-) Thanks for coming along for the ride, you know I love having you here! -xxx-

  9. Those rings look absolutely gorgeous, in lovely shades of blue... (my fav colour)

    Beautiful work Belinda!

  10. Thank you so much, Gemma! I do love a dash of colour :-) There is no better way to brighten one's day!


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