Thursday, September 15, 2011

Truth & Beauty

'Beauty is not in the face.

Beauty is a light in the heart.

~Kahlil Gibran~

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace

Beauty that is true and everlasting
is not to be found in features nor facades.
It sprouts from somewhere deeper,
a pocket untouchable by time
and unfathomable in its depth.

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace

It is uplifting and contagious…
it calls out to you across the room,
charging its way into your presence like a steam train.

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace

Real beauty is not all about a porcelain complexion,
nor a 27 inch waist…
…features will fade and ripen with time,
leaving only truth,
the essence of character.

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace

There is beauty in the lines upon your body,
they tell your story of a life loved and lived…
…and those grey hairs that start appearing,
one day, 
some day,
they are a totem of knowledge and of knowing,
only possible with the passing of years.

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace

There is beauty in compassion
and laughter
and light…
There is beauty in imperfection,
and shadows,
and truth.

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace

And there is beauty in you…
you may not see it in yourself,
but ask anyone who loves you,
anyone who believes in you…

The *Truth & Beauty* Necklace ~ available here


  1. Sigh * not only is your storytelling equisite but so are the photographs ~ thank you for being you B ~ xox

  2. Belinda, you have the ability to bring the beauty in your heart out into your work! This is a very lovely necklace.

  3. Hi Belinda...I have said this often but it bears repeating...your work is beautiful and the words you choose to describe each and every piece are just as beautiful. Hope all is well with you.

  4. Absolutely beautiful and elagant necklace!!! :-) Good work!!!

  5. A gyönyörű munkádhoz gratulálok.
    Ez is olyan igazi Belindás, az egyéni stílusod szuper!!!!

  6. Yet again another stunning piece from you Belinda. I adore looking at your work and impatiently wait for the next piece to be revealed. Your work just gets better and better, if that is possible.

    Karyn ♥

  7. Thank you so much, lovely ladies...every step in the creation of this necklace was pure joy. I loved watching it come to life under my careful is a piece I am so very proud of! :-)


  8. an amazing piece. i agree: your silversmithing gets better and better....

  9. This is great worck...very-very nice, so romantic *)



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