Saturday, September 10, 2011

Light and Shadow

There is nothing quite like the sunshine that comes with Spring...

Spring 9 is the kind of light that makes everything seem right in the world...

Spring 6

The afternoon light is my favourite...

rich and soul-filling,

and gilding everything in a sheath of gold...

Spring 4

But I also delight in the shadows,

pockets deep and hidden that the light cannot catch...

Spring 10

...somehow, the darkness makes the colours seem brighter...

Spring 3

...more vibrant and alive...

Spring 2

And so, with light and shadows on my mind,

I created my *Starry Night* Earrings...

The *Starry Night* Earrings petals plucked from a starry night sky...

The *Starry Night* Earrings

...made of silver oxidized to a shade of darkest slate...

The *Starry Night* Earrings

...and gleaming moonstone cabochons filled with light.

The *Starry Night* Earrings

Made for girl who loves to cast her dreams to the night sky :-)

Available here.


  1. Beautiful photography, Belinda!
    I am slightly envious of you heading into Spring:)
    You did a wonderful job with the earrings- the contrast is really effective. And what's not to love about moonstone:))

  2. Thank you, sweet Lenita!

    I cannot tell you how overjoyed I am that Spring is finally here...I have been waiting and hoping for her!! I'm not much of a cold weather person...give me warmth and sunshine any day ;-)


  3. Beautiful pictures Belinda! I am happy to say that I will leave the heat to you...we are happily headed into cooler weather here, and I am sooooo glad! Beautiful earrings too!

  4. Belinda, Those are beautiful pictures and I love the earrings.

  5. Beautiful earrings Belinda, as are your pictures. I love that really dark oxidation and your little twinkling stars show up so well.

  6. Amy, I'm really happy for you to send the heat our way!! I'm very pleased to see the end of Winter :-)

    Thank you so much, Therese! :-) I take the camera with me everywhere now...there are still a million settings that I need to learn about! LOL

    Thanks Sandi, I love the dark oxidisation too. I must do this more often! I hope that you and yours are well, lovely lady -xxx-

  7. Belinda,
    they are cosmically gorgeous!!

  8. Thank you so much, sweet lady :-)



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