Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Time for play...

Spring is in full swing here in Sydney,

so trips to the playground are a daily event.

Our favourite playground has a view...

I mean, LOOK at that VIEW...!

The playground with a view

Spider Girl loves climbing...

Spider Girl
(note Jett sitting quietly on the slide...bless his cotton socks!)

Spider Girl

...when she's not busy keeping a look out...

Looking for ships in the ocean...

Cute toes

...or counting...

She of the Wild Hair

Jett likes the slide best...

Not a good idea, Jett...!

...bottle in one hand, and he didn't spill a drop!

Ok, so that's how it's done...

And, of course, there are the swings...

Push me, Mum!

...which is MY favourite!

The swing is MY favourite


I hope there's been a big dose of fun in your day too!



    And what a view!

    And ... spring?! Thrrrptt.... *pouts while looking out on autumny skies*

    And oh my goodness they are cute your kiddos. But then again... with you as a mother, I wouldn't expect anything els.

    And ... did I mention the view?? WOW!

  2. Oh yes, Spring...bring it ON!!! I'm so ready for sunshine :-)

    The kids do look cute, but don't be fooled...they are little demons in disguise ;-) LOL

    The view is so good...even better on beautiful days like today. We are spoilt!!!

  3. Wow what a view! Looks like lots of fun!!!

  4. Now that is a view! Oh to see blue skies again!!
    And they are just the cutest little 'demons'!!
    But it is very hard to get them to leave playgrounds ... I know all about that!

  5. Amy, I know...it's amazing, isn't it!! We always have loads of fun at the playground (me included!)

    Lenita, I am so happy to see these beautiful blue skies again...it seems especially blue at this time of the year. And oh yes, I know all about how hard it is to get them to leave playgrounds!! I usually have to bribe them into the car with the promise of some strawberry milk ;-) x

  6. Oh wow I can look at your blue skies forever ~ especially as today the famous Cornish Mizzle* is coming out of grey skies!

    *Mizzle ~ misty drizzle ;)

  7. Mizzle - I love it, Jo! ;-) I do love these beautiful blue skies we are having every day this week. It just makes me feel so happy when the sun is shining! :-D


  8. Great pics B!
    Looks like an awesome spot for playing. Certainly has a bit more to do than our park, but Summer only uses swings anyways :)

  9. Thanks lovely! We all have fun at the playground...and gosh, it is great exercise for me! It's supposed to wear the kids out so they sleep well at night, but I'm usually the one who ends up being the most tired! LOL x


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